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Several years ago I decided on the above logo for my office.  A willow reflected in water, and movement seen  in the  reflection of the tree………. Reflections are a needed bone in the structure of the instinctual being.



 Gathering the Bones of the Instinctual Self

Gathering the Bones of the Instinctual Self is the story of my journey to the
reclaiming, gathering and assembling these bones in my life. My hope is that
it will inspire you, my readers, to embark on such a journey for yourself. It is
a journey of self examination, reclamation, and integration. This journey is
joyful, painful, frightening, and liberating. You may find yourself both
approaching and avoiding taking this critical look into yourself, but if you
begin to retrieve these bones you will build a foundation on which you can
stand firmly in the center of yourself. You will find a sense of peace and
completion as you recover your own instinctual being.


Seven Generations: Reclaiming your Past Re-Visioning your Future

This is an exercise that I led in my Instinctual Woman Seminars that I
presented yearly at Wildlife Prairie Park in Peoria, Illinois. I taught
these seminars for ten years ending in 2009. The impetus behind these
classes was to encourage participants to find and connect to their inner
wild self, which is an endangered species, and live with this being as a
daily conscious part of their lives.


A Meditation Practice

Meditation is a practice of learning to focus and still the mind. Your mind is
normally filled with “mind chatter”, called “monkey mind”. Your thoughts
interfere with your ability to relax and keep you acclimated to living with
stress and stressful thoughts. Meditation allows the practitioner to move
from “monkey mind” to quiet mind. As you still your thoughts and deepen
your breathing you reduce the stress quotient in your life which leads to
improved health. Daily meditation practice leads to an expanded awareness.

Growing Up Without A Skyline: Life in A Small Town


Growing up in the small town of Keokuk, IA, located in the state's far southeastern corner imprinted a lasting impression on me. It can cause a schizophrenic split in how one describes it; ranting on about the malaise it produces while simultaneously extolling its virtues. People can move from Keokuk but will the essence of this town leave them? It is a part of the heart and soul of their being; a place that appears to offer no hope of potential, yet a place that stays in the mind.


Sacred Language of Dreams

This is a booklet about the importance of dreaming, a way to remember,
record, and work with your dreams. Everyone dreams but not everyone
recalls their dreams. Dreaming is essential to good health and when the
dreamtime is interrupted and the dreamer is not allowed to dream there are
often serious health consequences. If unremembered dreams are beneficial
imagine the benefits of recalling dreams. Follow these instructions and begin
to learn from the wisdom of your dreamtime.