~ dream weave ~

Dream Weave is an online service, in which you can contact Pam to schedule an appointment to discuss your dreams.


Dreams are a doorway to your unconscious process and by your remembering and recording dreams you gain access to your own inner wisdom.  Dreams hold all of the wisdom and all of the knowledge that you will ever need.     

Dreams are a part of your reality, and although they are filled with symbols beneath those symbols lay the wisdom of how to live your life and resolve your daily issues.  Sometimes dream symbols can be startling, other times subtle, but they ask that you explore their meaning in your life and in that exploring you may learn something…something of your soul.

Dream Weave offers this service to those who want to have a dialogue with their inner unconscious selves.  By recalling and recording your dreams you are letting your unconscious know that you are listening and wanting to communicate with it.  

As you do this you will be amazed as your dreams proliferated and at the details you recall.   Do not be afraid to waken in your dreamtime to explore the deeper meaning of your life.  

Dream Weave consultation is $60 per consult.  

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