~ reiki therapy ~

Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing. Loosely translated Reiki means 'universal life energy guided by a higher state of consciousness'. Reiki energy is life itself and without this energy we would not be alive. When this energy is low due to congestion or blockage in the energy body we are more likely to become ill. When this energy is high and free flowing, we more easily maintain health and a sense of well-being.

Stress is the major cause in decreased energy flow throughout the energy body. Stress is caused by conflicting thoughts and feelings that get lodged in one's subtle energy system. These include fear, worry, doubt, anger, anxiety, etc. Medical research has determined that continual stress can block the body's natural ability to repair, regenerate, and protect itself. The American Institute of Stress estimates that over 75% of all visits to doctors are the results of reactions to stress. The effects of unreleased stress range from minor aches to major health concerns, such as heart disease, digestive disorders, respiratory disorders, skin disorders, and other life threatening dis-eases.

Through Reiki Therapy a person can experience an increase in the flow of energy through the body, which facilitates a reduction in stress and brings about a more balanced and healthy state.

Reiki is a non intrusive procedure. Like massage it stimulates the flow of energy through the body, and helps the body to detoxify, but unlike massage the client remains fully clothed at all times, and there is no manipulations necessary. Reiki is normally given in an atmosphere that is peaceful and relaxing. The client lies on a massage table while the practitioner moves around the table placing hands near energy points (chakras) on the body. Reiki can performed with the client sitting up, standing, or in a hospital bed. Reiki can be performed in a room full of people as well as in a place of solitude.

reiki levels

Reiki I: Introductory level to Reiki energy healing: Tuition cost is $175.00 for class.

At this level the student is introduced to the basic concepts, the philosophy, ethics, objectives, and origin of Reiki. The student receives the first attunement of Reiki at this time. During the attunement the student's energy centers are opened and aligned so that she/he can serve as a channel for this universal healing energy. Reiki I is experiential and students are provided the opportunity to do hands-on healing work with each other and on themselves. Certificates are presented at the end of the class.

Reiki II: Professional level of Reiki: Tuition cost is $175.00 for class.

At this level the student is given symbols that assist in the healing work, as well as learning absentee healing techniques. Reiki II attunement further opens the student to the flow of universal life energy through the body. The Second Degree student is taught a method of healing that collapses time and space. Reiki II assists in healing not only the physical body, but the healing of the emotional and mental body as well. Certificates are presented at the end of class.

Reiki III (Master): Final level of Reiki attunement: Tuition cost is $350.00 for class.

At this level the student is opened completely to the Universal Life Force Energy. In Reiki III the student is initiated into the Master symbol. This symbol connects the student to the pure essence of self and the center of her/his existence. The student receives the highest attunement as well as instruction and practice in using all the symbols of the complete Usui system. In this class the student is taught Taoist Breathing and the Water Ceremony; whereby the breath is used to energize water. Reiki III is an inner experience where the student makes the fullest connection with the Universal Energy through the guidance of her/his inner teachers and masters. Certificates are presented at the end of class.

Reiki Master/Teacher: Final class through Reiki lineage: Tuition cost is $700.00 for class.

This class is designed for those students who have a desire to commit themselves to the path of Reiki Teacher. Students are taught how to empower other with this complete system of holistic healing. They are taught the basic fundamentals of teaching a Reiki class. The Master/Teacher class is an intensive experience that prepares the student to assist others in becoming Reiki practitioners. Certificates are presented at the end of class.

Advanced Reiki Master: Tuition cost is $50 per hour.

Advanced Reiki Master is designed for those who have completed the Reiki Master training through CASA and wish to have greater awareness, understanding and a working relationship with the advanced symbols taught at this level. The class gives the student an opportunity to spend more time in learning and working with these advanced symbols.

A number of Reiki schools offer higher Reiki Master degrees where these symbols are introduced and taught. The Independent Reiki Master's tradition is to give all of these symbols to the student at the Master level - at which time attunement to these takes place. Once the student has been attuned to the Master Symbol - no other attunement is necessary. This attunement and symbol opens the student fully to the Reiki energy - and all other symbols and forms of Reiki included in the Master Attunement.

This advanced training assists in a deeper understanding of the symbols and allows the student a greater advantage when using them - for personal healing, offering healing to others, or offering the energy to the universe.

Advanced Reiki Master is taught in 2-hour sessions. Tuition is per session.

Apprenticeship Program

CASA's Reiki Master/Teacher is Pam Greenslate who is trained in both traditional Usui Reiki as well as nontraditional Reiki. Students are trained in both traditional and nontraditional Reiki practices. Pam brings a unique background to her Reiki classes, which allow students a complete approach to the use and understanding of Reiki in daily life.